About Us


Revival Yoga Fitness Studio is Marco Island's serene waterside studio to empower and strengthen your body and mind to enjoy paradise at your best.

As a local, I decided to open the studio on Marco Island to provide a beautiful space with the top instructors to allow our students to enjoy their practice to the fullest   My sister, Megan, and I both own Revival studios.  While she is in the Chicago area, we both wanted to share our passion for self-care and empowerment to people.  Megan created the name for the studio, and it completely encompasses what we are all about, allowing you to revive what you already have within you.   

Revival sits on a foundation of honesty, truth and healing intention to support the empowerment of men, women and children.  We offer various types of yoga including vinyasa, Pilates, sculpt classes and workshops for specific interests. 

Please know when you arrive at Revival, you are entering a nonreligious and nonjudgmental community.  We practice unity here because, after all, we all want the same thing: to be fulfilled and enjoy this life at our best. 

Kerri Lampos
Founder of Revival Yoga Fitness Studio